October Favorites!!

Since I skipped September, this Monthly favorites is going to be better than ever!! I’m really excited now. 🙂 This Monthly Favorites will have a lot of things that no other one will have. Now, continue reading for some fabulous makeup, hairstyles, and so much more!

❤ Nail Polish:

I am really tempted to hunt this down! Its the perfect color for fall, a sophisticated red, or a edgy crimson. I used it at a friends house now I’m hooked, the name is also so perfect… Black Wine. Link: (i couldn’t find the exact color but im hearing good things about this color!) Black Plum

❤ Skincare Item:

Pond’s is amazing, for the fact that it’s great for sensitive skin and great for your budget (from what I’ve found they’re cheapest at Target)! The vitamin E cleansing wipes are my favorite but the chamomile and white tea soothing wipes have the most amazing scent for relaxation! I love them! Link: Chamomile & White Tea Vitamin E

❤ Soap:

It’s not really a soap per-say, it’s a scrub. I love it first because it gets rid of any random bumps, either from shaving, or minor irritation… and it even gets rid of those obnoxious white heads. The citrus smell is fabulous, along with the sugar crystals (for exfoliating). Arbonne doesn’t test on animals, and it’s tested on 100’s people with sensitive skin. If even one person reacts to the product Arbonne will redesign the product until no one reacts! How great is that?! Link: Scrub and here’s a second link in case the other link is out of stock, Amazon Scrub

❤ Singer/ Band:

I am totally loving Lana Del Ray. Her voice is incredible and the lyrics are either funny, sad, or totally relate-able (like I feel ya bro!)! Link:  Lana Del Rey (some videos are a bit if-y just so you all know)

❤ Song:

I can not stop listening to Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. It’s a really catchy song, and it’s just one of those songs that I have to dance to! Link: The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather – Lyrics – YouTube

❤ Makeup Item:

I just found this mix the other day while I was trying to find a good color for my mom. I had a couple different colors on my hands to test them and i rubbed my hands together randomly, and got the most gorgeous color there ever was! Now, I must buy these 2 colors! Link: Neon Red  Mauve Mania

❤ Book:

I really don’t like reading anything but magazines, or product reviews. For school I had to read this book called The Death Collector. The name is really gruesome sounding but it’s really not as gory as it sounds, and  it is very suspenseful! I was strictly told not to read ahead, and I almost did every time!  Link: The Death Collector

❤ Bag:

Yes –  I got another bag!!… actually backpack. I really didn’t need another one but this is just to cute! Since I’ve been using it for school I have gotten a complement on it almost everyday! It has a lot more space inside than you would expect! Link: (my backpack isn’t online but this looks so close) Quilted Backpack

❤ Store:

I have been waiting like crazy for the H&M to open….. then I missed the opening 😦 I was so sad! I finally made it to the store on Halloween and it’s so amazing. It was so big that a whole other section looked like it should have been a mirror! It is officially going to be my favorite store for the next few months! Link: H&M

❤ Brand:

ASOS is just fabulous and a little after I started shopping on their website, they replied to my tweet. That totally won me over….. best brand ever! Link: ASOS

❤ Piece of Jewelry:

The first time I went to the new Forever 21 I looked at these earrings, and I knew they would be mine ❤ ! Also they were only $1.80! Link: Sweet Stud Set

❤ Food:

NUTELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Link: Nutella

❤ Lip Product:

I was at Target and saw the Blueberry Acai EOS lip balm, for probably the millionth time…. and decided to buy it. The  flavor is so smooth and smells incredible. Link:  eos – Blueberry Acai Shea Butter Lip Balm | EOS Evolution of Smooth

❤ Clothing Item:

I have been planning my Quinceanera!!! My dress for it is my favorite right now! (sorry I’m not going to post a picture, party guests could see!)

 (not my dress!)

❤ Youtube Video:

This hair-do is gorgeous but my hair is too short right now. Hopefully some of you guys can do it! (tweet me a picture if you do try it!) Link: Fold-over Lace Braid Updo

❤ Drink:

Chai tea has never been my favorite but the chai tea from Kataluma Chai Co. Is heaven! The flavor is so unique and glorious! Link: Chai – Kataluma Chai Co. of Colorado Mills Mall – Chai Latte Anyone?

❤ Wishlist Item:

I saw these on Pinterest but the link only lead to a photo. I spent about a half an hour hunting them down! It was so worth it, but they’re sold out right now… just got to wait! Link: booties

❤ Scent:

Frosted Cupcake candle from Bath and Body Works! The second I opened it up, I went straight to the register! Link: Frosted Cupcake

❤ Tip or Trick:

I used the Arbonne citrus scrub (<3 soap) as an exfoliating shaving cream, and my legs were so soft for a lot longer. If you try this don’t do it a lot, it could wear out your razor faster than normal (just a warning!).

Ok I know this was a very long post, but thank you for reading it! hope you all had a great Halloween!

Love Life, Love Fashion, ~Sequoia 

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